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Glow of the soul is a positive mindset and self-development podcast and a community networking circle. Here we discuss all things positive mindset, self-love, confidence, personal development, growth, and holistic wellbeing. On occasion, there will be local guest speakers and opportunities for you to share your wisdom and things that have helped you grow.


Each month we launch a podcast topic and the tribe comes together with 10 minutes of guided meditation, , a mindset learning module and a workbook plus the opportunity to network with their community, share a snippet of wisdom from your favorite self-development book or personal experience and even purchase local handmade items and Glow of the Soul began and cruelty-free skincare. These circles are designed to help local people to support each other's success and to be the best versions of themselves and feel connected post lockdown.


Circles are typically held once a month. If you like to join a local circle then REGISTER here:

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Zara Smith Coaching

7 High Street, Hatfield

Doncaster. DN7 6RS

Tel: 07375631970

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Flower Portrait
Flower Portrait

Want to be a Glow of the soul Leader?


Are you a confident, positive and motivated leader who wants to support your local community to feel and be their best selves?

At Glow of the soul we're looking for self-motivated entrepreneurial individuals from the UK and elsewhere who want to create an engaging and informative circle that connects the local community and helps local people to flourish post-lockdown. We provide mindset lessons and workbooks every month to help you deliver transformative sessions for your tribes that help them to understand mind care, self-care, positive and success mindset, and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. 

There are no hidden fees, just one monthly payment with the option to purchase marketing materials additional and when required. We want you to flourish from creating your circle on a self-employed basis. So we don't take a commission from your circle ticket sales, you just pay a small fee for access to monthly training materials and you still only pay one monthly fee if you hold multiple circles. 

Follow us on IG: @glowofthesoul

or visit: