Our attitude to Failure

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Failure. Just the word sends course of fear down many a spine. to fit in to society we prefer to hide our failures and present a life where they don't exist. Ultimately so we can't be judged by others. However failure is just as important as what success is. Failure, once acknowledged, is where we grow, learn and improve. If we keep pretending we don't need to change, how do we solve our problems? When we correct our attitude and even society's attitude to failure and stop seeing it as something to hide and be ashamed of we will begin the journey of self improvement because we are no longer hiding from the answers within or around us.

We can learn to forgive ourselves for where we didn't know any better because we're on life's journey and we're still learning and that's OK! Our attitude to failure defines defines how well we deal with issues as they arise. If we see it as an opportunity to learn, grow and expand, overall our happiness improves as we move forward. If we cover it up and pretend its not there and wallow in inadequacy we're hindering our self improvement and our happiness. Its time to change society's attitude and connotations of failure towards mental health so we encourage others to speak out and find the help they need without feeling judged while they're on their self improvement journey.

Zara Smith Coaching www.zarasmith.org

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