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Zara is a Business Mentor and Coach with over 12 years buying experience in a National Retailer. As a senior buyer Zara was responsible for various FMCG and Far east sourced categories and now brings her professional retail and leadership experience in buying, joint business planning, product development and negotiation to small business owners and SME's. Zara also delivers training workshops in coaching and mentoring, leadership, corporate well-being, and category management. Designed to help teams avoid burnout, enhance solution-based thinking, productivity, creativity and unity.


Zara is the Founder of the which is a network to support small business owners to find the product-related businesses needed to bring their products to the mass market. ​From IP lawyers to Investors and Packaging to Product designers.

Zara volunteers with the Prince's Trust mentoring young people to realise their business goals. She also supports small business leaders as a mentor for Transform SY in the South Yorkshire region. Zara is a  member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and facilitated entrepreneurial events for My Network for Women in Business, which is a women's entrepreneurial networking community in South Yorkshire.

Zara’s coaching approach provides a safe space to be open, honest and to grow whilst being your own personal business soundboard and motivator. 


My Services

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring are two different techniques to support you in running or starting up your business by clarifying your goals and developing strategic plans to achieve them.


Our coaching is tailored to you and designed to facilitate your personal and business growth based on your requirements to keep you in alignment with where you want to be and how you will get there too. Coaching also promotes you to make independent and empowered business decisions.


Mentoring provides you with a sounding board, that will enable you to see your blind spots, close knowledge gaps, and keep you moving forward.

Organisational Coaching

Employees are the most valuable asset in an organisation, they are the most essential contributors toward moving your business forward and making a profit.


Investing in a coaching programme for your organisation has the power to unlock new amazing opportunities, improve the culture, boost employee morale and improve performance. 

Supporting a culture that promotes well-being, creativity and authenticity allows your team members to be their authentic and best self.  Whilst creating leaders that provide a safe and rewarding work environment allows teams to reach their fullest potential and nutures a culture that shows that opportunities are available to all.

Upskill your team with commercial workshops such as Negotiation, Joint business planning, Project management and Category Strategy.

Personal 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

Personal coaching empowers you to take control of your life and its direction. It focuses on your personal life goals including your career, relationships, habits, and well-being.


We promote you to focus on exhibiting the behaviour of whom you wish to be and our coaching sessions enable you to clarify your vision for your life.


Identify the goals and strategies, including the learning and development needed to help you get there with strategies to overcome your weaknesses, play to your strengths, and keep you accountable to living a great life.


Mike Stephens, CEO of Entreprenurial Spark

"Zara worked as a mentor on our accelerator for tech founders. We had great feedback from everyone she worked with about her commercial insight and capability as a coach. She enabled some big breakthroughs on complex issues which led to growth in both the founders and the businesses. We are extremely lucky to have her working with us and I'm grateful that she will continue to support our cohorts."

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