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I support business leaders to learn how to be confident, successful and adaptable negotiators through Mindset, Negotiator Behaviours and strategic methods. If you're ready to improve your negotiation abilities and your outcomes, hit the enroll button and let's work together. 

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I've worked as a senior buyer for 12 years for a national retailer and I've also been a GAP partnership trained strategic negotiator for over a decade. Since Jan 2020 I've also become a mindset coach and business mentor and supported people to reach their highest potential and have deeper self-awareness so they can shift out of inner resistance and be heading towards achieving their biggest goals. 

I am also a business mentor for Transform SY and the Prince's Trust and I support businesses to understand how to negotiate, the product route to market, and how to present to retail buyers. So if you're looking for bespoke mentoring to aid your business's success then contact me for a bespoke coaching and mentor quote or you can select from my standard coaching courses such as the confident negotiator and authentic feminine leadership which is designed for female leaders to step into more of their authentic self. 

I split my time between holding training workshops, private 1:1 coaching and attending networking events in the Yorkshire area but do work nationally. You can typically find me networking with the Doncaster chamber of commerce and My network for women in Business. So if you would like to work together or collaborate then just get in touch either via email, Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin. 

Upcoming Events

  • Negotiation Skills workshop
    Wed, 15 Jun
    15 Jun, 09:00 – 14:30
    Doncaster, Doncaster, UK
    Negotiation skills workshop for small business owners
  • Negotiation Skills Workshop
    Tue, 05 Jul
    05 Jul, 09:00 – 14:30
    Doncaster, Doncaster, UK
    Negotiation Workshop for small business owners


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.